P10ZA2 tuya PTZ indoor Camera wifi smart camera

Nickname: Penguin
This design breaks through the traditional circular appearance and sets the product appearance by imitating the shape of penguins. Give the camera interesting and vivid, people will sense of comfort and closeness, can naturally integrat
● 2MP high-definition pixels, ultra low illumination;
● Look around and take care of your eyes, 360 viewing angle, double Pan Tilt;
● HD shooting, day and night, infrared night vision 10 meters;
● Human and Motion detection alarm pushes, abnormal situation, real-time grasp;
● Automatic moving objects tracking and recording ;
● Two way voice real-time intercom, can listen and speak, communicate freely;
● The screen of multiple computers is on the same one, and the situation is mastered by one device;
● Multiple storage is more reliable, SD card and cloud storage are stored at the same time;
● Three kinds of installation methods: Ceiling / Wall hanging / Placing, inverted installation;