Company Profile

shenzhen is a comprehensive enterprise integrating  technology , operation ,  construction , investment and  industry . Implement th management system and mode based on the secondary subjects . 

series of  have been used in large-scale projects such as  City , Netcom wide vision, gt , fince, school , militry , trasporttion , eletric power , oil , mine, factory and mining enterprises , business hal l, machine room , base station, laboratory , port and wharf , prison , courtyard scenic spo t, forest fire prevention and environmental monitoring, After years of continuous development and accumulation ,  has been recognized and supported by customers and passed quality management system certification, the products have passed the inspection certification of relevant authority departments, such as quality certification of safety and police electronic products of the Ministry of public security .

through providing innovative technology and security operation services for hundreds of thousands of enterprises and family customers, providing a comprehensive cloud security platform for personal and property security of customers, and providing a management platform for remote video, alarm linkage and equipment status monitoring for the business sites of small and medium-sized enterprises and self-employed operator s, the company has truly achieved a revolutionary breakthrough in alarm technology, It solves the alarm reliability and safety problems of shops, families, enterprises, public security, border defens e, etc.
continuously enhanced innovation ability and outstanding flexible customization ability provide customers with excellent security services, which are widely used in government, public security, justice, finance, education, enterprises, families and other fields, and are the most widely used security operation service platform so far .

mainly engaged in the design, technical development and sales of electronic products and security equipmen t; photoelectric products. , computer software and hardware design, technical development, ; domestic trade, E-commerce (excluding franchised, specially controlled and monopolized commodities)  . supported by steadiness and pragmatism. with a national strategic vision, we are committed to a professional and efficient integrated enterprise .